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Topsec Technology is a leading provider of secure, unified email and data management services.  For over a decade we have been providing customers, large and small in both public and private sectors with a range of services that ensure the secure and resilient transfer of electronic data.

All of our services are cloud-based and require no investment in either hardware or software by end-user environments.  Topsec Technology is the partner of choice for an increasing nubmer of IT companies looking to add to their cloud offering, with services that include:

Blockmail Anti-spam / Anti-virus

Blockmail content Policy

Emergency Email

Image Analysis

Email Archiving


Secure Internet


DNS Registration

Online Backup


Contact Details:

Unit1, Block C, The Exchange, Calmount Park, Ballymount, Dublin 12.

Telephone: 01 4660686
Fax: 01 4660687
Blockmail is a 24x7 email monitoring and management system that continuously monitors your email traffic.  It immediately blocks any emails, and/or alerts you, in the event of viruses, spam or illicit content being detected.
Blockmail is a leading provider of managed email security services for businesses on two continents.  The principles behind Blockmail are Effectiveness and Simplicity.
  • A layered style of infrastructure back-up so if any one site goes down another will replace it.
  • Web-based real time reports
  • Real time monitoring
  • Self tests by sending and receiving e-mails containing test viruses


  • No capital investment
  • No hardware or software installations
  • No technical experience or training necessary
  • Easy account set-up
Viruses can close down an organisation for hours or even days.  The resulting downtime is extremely costly to any company.  Longer term implications such as loss of commercial trust, if the virus is passed onto other businesses, or loss of business critical information can be equally devastating.
Spam is increasingly responsible for clogging up employees email and reducing bandwith.  Productivity suffers as a result of spam now representing over 30% of all incoming email to organisations.  Spam will continue to be a problem as it is becoming increasingly hard to spot and eliminate.
Malicious or harmful content can ruin a company's brand and reputation.  Litigation by employees or customers can also result from content of a racist or sexist nature.  Non-business related content is a waste of company resources and productivity.

Blockmail is the immediate and necessary solution to the problem of email security.
The Internet is a powerful business resource allowing your company to avail of many key business benefits such as e-commerce, business-to-business solutions and access to key information.
However, misuse of this key resource can lead to lost productivity due to browsing of non-work related web sites, possible litigation, breach of copyright laws and loss of business reputation from staff accessing sites that contain, illegal, immoral and racist material.
A further threat to networks stems from the possibility of downloading viruses from the Internet.  This can affect more than just IT infrastructures ranging from system downtime and loss of productivity while the virus is dealt with, to potential loss of critical information and damage to your companies reputation.
Our Secure Internet Access Service combines web content monitoring with web anti-virus protection.  It blocks access to web sites containing illegal, immoral, or racist content and also non-business related sites to ensure that employees use your investment in Internet technology solely for business purposes.  Using state of the art anti-virus detection devices we check your incoming web browsing traffic to ensure that it is free from all known computer viruses.  Any traffic found to contain viruses are blocked and deleted at our secure operations centre preventing the virus from being downloaded before it reaches your network.
This service provides you with a cost effective and secure environment through which all your Internet traffic can be directed, giving your customers and business partners, the confidence to conduct online business with you.
Security devices in the physical world are only as effective as the response they generate.  A ringing burglar alarm in an office is not effective if no one reacts to it. Similarly in the virtual world, an alert on a security device such as a firewall is only as good as the response it generates.
Our Remote Security Monitoring Service enables you to cost effectively enhance your security posture and effectively manage your security infrastructure.  Using state of the art technology and experienced technicians Topsec Technology remotely monitors key devices on a 24x7x365 basis for any security breaches.  In the event of a breach, you will be alerted immediately enabling you to react in the most appropriate way to protect your business.
Network Monitoring Service
Network Monitoring Service provides you with a cost effective means to access pro-active and predictive state of the art technology to predict potential failure scenarios and ensure early recognition of problems so they can be resolved quickly before they impact on your business.
Server Environment Monitoring Service
Topsec Technology's Server Environment Monitoring is a 24x7x365 proactive monitoring service of your key servers.  In the event of an alert our technicians assess its impact and notify your key personnel with details of the problem, possible causes and possible resolution to the issue. Topsec Technology's solution also provides for predictive management of your servers via web based reporting tools.
E-Mail Server Monitoring Service
Our E-mail Server Monitoring Service constantly monitors critical components of your email server.  Any alerts are analysed and key personnel in your organisation notified enabling them to resolve any problems before they impact your users. The service also automatically restarts a critical e-mail service if it fails, enhancing overall availability.
Through web reporting tools, your staff can also analyse key statistics and data, enabling them to manage and plan for growth in your email needs. This proactive and predictive management will ensure that your e-mail solution will grow in line with your business requirements while at the same time ensuring minimal interruption to service.
This service eliminates the headaches and risks of keeping up with information security technology by entrusting the ongoing maintenance of all information security issues to an organisation equipped with industry leading expertise and resources.  An outsourced, maintained security service ensures all security implementations are kept up to date, highlights breaches and potential threats, isolates and stabilises effected systems and advises remedies and countermeasures.
The support function is an installation service to optimise the above recommendations.  The best protection from these threats are ensured through planning, installation, configuration, and testing of best of breed hardware and software and continual access to expert knowledge.

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