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Alarm Companies

Opening & closing reports are a valuable management tool for extending supervisory control, gathering performance data and increasing productivity and profitability.

The retail business that opens late or closes early loses more than just revenue from lost sales.  Customers become dissatisfied and shop elsewhere damaging the company's reputation.

In businesses where senior managers can't be on hand every day the opening & closing service can be extended, for example to identify the employee who is opening the premises on a holiday, through the use of authorization codes when turning on or off an alarm.

The open & close service can be made available for any alarm or access control system.


The monitoring of open/closing signals by Top Security fall into 3 categories.

Record Open & Close

Top Security will record into the history of an alarm all opening & closing signals from a premises.  No action is required by the Monitoring Station when this happens.  Should the client request a report of a particular open & close signal or signals over a specified period then this will be provided.

Actionable Open & Close

Action on opening & closing signals means that once our Monitoring Station receives an 'early to open, late to open or late to close signal' the controller on duty will first, unless otherwise instructed by the client, call the premises and obtain the correct password/code.  If the correct password/code is given then no further action is required by the monitoring station.  These actions will be recorded into the history of the alarm.

Should the Monitoring Station not receive the correct password/code or there is no answer from the premises then they will call a keyholder and the Gardai and inform them of the situation.

If a keyholder cannot be contacted then a reminder will appear on the screen for the Monitoring Station to try and contact a keyholder again.

On a 'Late to open' signal being received then the key holder will contacted and advised of the situation.

Should the premises open after it has already closed (Unauthorised Entry) then this will be treated as an Intruder alarm and actioned accordingly.

Managed Open & Close

Managed opening & closing signals are dealt with in a similar way to 'Action Open & Close'.  However there are 2 differences:

(i) The key holder to be contacted in the event of an open or close signal coming in differs from the key holders listed for other alarm activations.

(ii) Client specified 'special instructions' are followed which differ from the standard instructions for alarm activations.


Early To Open

On an 'Early to open' signal there is a 30 minute window.  Therefore should a premises open at 06:45 hrs and it is scheduled to open at 07:00 hrs then the monitoring station will take no action.  Should the premises open prior to 06:30 hrs then the procedures for 'Action open & close' will apply.

All 'Early to open' signals received from 07:00 hrs onwards will not be acted upon.

Late To Open

On a 'Late to open' signal there will be a 15 minute window, therefore should a premises not open at the agreed time i.e. 08:00 hrs then a 'Late to open' signal will be generated at 08:15 hrs and a keyholder will be advised of the situation.  If the premises opens during this time then the monitoring station will take no action.

Late To Close

On a 'Late to close' there will be a 15 minute window, therefore if the premises are not closed after the agreed time i.e. 20:00 hrs then a 'Late to close' signal will be generated at 20:15 hrs and the premises will be contacted and a password/code will be obtained.  If the correct password/code is not given or there is no answer from the premises then the keyholder and Gardai will be advised.

For further information please contact Top Security on (01) 490 0333 or


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