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Top security provides Remote CCTV Monitoring with live audio warnings for businesses throughout Ireland, the UK and South Africa.  As a recognsied leader in the security industry, we have over 33 years experience protecting businesses, their premises, their assets and their staff.  Top Security provides global resilience from its Central Monitoring Centres in Ireland and South Africa on a 24/7, 365 days a year basis.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) monitoring is an increasingly popular and reliable means of monitoring.   As a surveillance system it is cost effective and plays a dual role of being both a visual management and security tool.

How it works:

  • Cameras protect your property by detecting intruders 24/7
  • Any breach of the perimeter creates an alert which streams live video back to Top Security's Central Monitoring Centres in real time
  • Controllers respond by issuing an audio warning that the incident is being monitored and recorded
  • Real time audio warnings are a proven deterrent in the fight against crime
  • On arrival, the Police and/or emergency services are assisted by the Controller in locating the intruders

Benefits CCTV Monitoring can provide to businesses:

  • Detects intruders on breach of the perimeter 
  • Protects assests and prevents damages
  • Protects people in vulnerable situations
  • Monitors irregular activities (unauthorised entry)
  • Protects keyholders from injury
  • Reduces downtime and loss of revenue
  • Reduces the risk of data loss or disruption to your business
  • Prevents costly Human Resource issues
  • Monitors Health and Safety
  • Monitors critical activities such as opening and closing of businesses
  • Reduces insurance claims
  • Allows customers remote access over the interenet whilst away 24/7 

Benefits CCTV Monitoring provides to private homes:

  • 24 hour protection for your family and home
  • 24 hour monitoring of your home whilst away on holiday or with work


At Top Security we have always strived for innovation and to remain at the cutting edge of the Security Industry.  Many years ago we teamed up with an Australian company, Vision Systems Ltd who provide the very best in CCTV hardware and software.  Their products, under the name Adpro, are renowned for delivering high performance security and surveillance solutions.     

Although we use Adpro technology, Installers can install CCTV equipment from any reputable manufacturer.  To allow Top Security to monitor their system they need an Adpro transmission unit and an ISDN line.  For those who wish to maximize their savings, Adpro have recently launched a combined transmission and hard disk recording unit.

How it works from the Central Monitoring Station:

From our Central Monitoring Station we dial into the CCTV system and conduct a search of the area.  This can be done on a random basis, according to customer requirements or upon a breach of the perimeter or an alarm activation.  If anything isn't as it should be our controllers take the appropriate action.

Depending on the system installed on a premises our controllers can remotely move the cameras around and search an area by day or night.  Individual images, live video and audio can be recorded for later use.

For further information please contact Top Security on (01) 490 0333 or


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